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Website Design

Custom Websites

Looking for a unique, fully-featured website with many ways for your users to interact with your content? Our custom websites are built to be highly functional wrapped in a beautiful package.

Prysm Pages

One of our most popular services. Shift Creative has created Prysm Pages as an inexpensive alternative to building a brand new website. We build and manage your website for you for a low monthly fee, instead of a large upfront cost.

Online Shops & E-Commerce

Bring your products to the world, manage your orders and inventory, and generate sales reports using an intuitive administrator dashboard. We allow your business to be accessible and convenient for customers.

Web Applications

Our talented developers are able to make your ideas a reality. From interactive kiosks to full-featured customer relationship management platforms, our team is able to provide you with a solution.

Web Hosting

Our cloud-based hosting is reliable, secure and affordable. We have a variety of hosting packages available based on your business and application requirements.

Website Maintenance

We understand you need to be focusing on operating your organization, and not maintaining your website. We offer website maintenance packages or hourly rates depending on what is right for you.

Corporate Branding

Brand Strategy

In a marketing heavy world, we need to stand out from the crowd and our competition. Shift Creative can help your business really shine by highlighting it's unique selling and culture points.

Logo Design

Your business needs a unique logo design which is easy to read, identify and hold some weight. When you think Clark Kent, you instantly think of the Superman logo. That's where we'll get you.

Stationary & Signage

Creating a beautiful, consistent look across your organization can be difficult for many businesses. We'll work with you on achieving this while maintaining the quality you expect.

Digital Marketing

Digital Strategy

Jumping into the online world can be daunting for most businesses. We make the transition much easier by providing you with a tailored digital marketing plan to achieve your goals.

Analytics & Reporting

In order to verify your online efforts are paying off, Shift Creative can provide you with detailed analytics for your advertising, social media, search rankings, and website traffic.

Online Advertising

Targeting your market online is more affordable than ever by using platforms such as Google Ads and Facebook Advertising. We help you design advertisements that bring results.

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