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Shift Creative is an ambitious marketing agency based in Prince George, British Columbia.  Our team is filled with passion for all things technology, and we really enjoy what we do.  We build interactive applications and websites, create rich & authentic brands, and devise digital marketing strategies to guide our clients to bring their businesses into the 21st century.  Oh, we also now build online stores using modern e-commerce platforms!

About theAscenTech Group

To be able to provide full-service technology solutions, AscenTech Solutions Inc. has partnered with DoTel Inc. and Shift Creative Solutions Inc. Together as the AscenTech Group, they are able to provide all-encompassing well-rounded solutions for organizations to achieve success.

You’ll be able to find our group of companies at one convenient location, where you can stop by to tackle each project or issue you have with your organization. From computers and phones, to web design and software development, we have you covered.

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Our team is growing rapidly and together we make an amazingly well-rounded tech group.  You can read more about us in our company profile.

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