Feature & Support Blocks

Introducing our New Feature Blocks!

Feature (and Support) blocks are our answer to easily implementing new features into an existing website we’ve created for you.  For a fixed fee, we can quickly add the new feature into your site and train you on how to utilize them for your organization! 

To get started, contact us with the feature blocks you’d like to add to your site!

Feature Blocks For Standard Websites

Appointment Booking

Keep track of your appointments and allow your customers to book appointments with your or other team members through the site.


Quote Calculator

Our Quote Calculator allows your customers to generate a quote for your products & services, and send you their information for follow-up. 


Newsletter Integration

Collect emails from your email newsletter platform efficiently.  Works with many types of platforms such as Mailchimp & iContact.


Event Calendar

Set up single or recurring events, such as workshops or annual meetings, and allow others to save them to their own calendars.



Allow the community to donate to your organization or your cause.


Career Listing & Application

List your current openings and accept online applications as emails with attachments.


Custom Post Types

We’ll set up an easy way for you to manage things such as projects or portfolios and have them dynamically feed into your website.


Complex Maps

We’re able to help you create a listing out routes, directions, or business locations on an interactive map.


Better File Management

By default, wordpress doesn’t have the best way to manage your files.  Our system allows you to easily organize your files.


Form Automation

Have your website forms automatically be entered into a cloud document or do something more than just sending you an email.



We’ll help you create a membership directory and account system for all of your members.


Members Only Area

In addition to the membership feature, we can create a members area locked behind a login.


Feature Blocks For E-Commerce Websites

Accomodation, Tours or Rentals

Looking to create a bookable product based on certain availability or resources?  We can implement a wide variety of bookable products.


Complex Product Calculations

If you have a complex way to calculate products based on bundling, special product addons or anything else, we have the solution for you.


Custom Checkout Fields

Do you require more information from customers other than their billing & shipping information?  We have an answer for that.


Custom Product Fields

Need additional information from your customers when they select a product?  We can add a variety of new fields to your products.


Facebook & Instagram Sync

Sync your products to your online social media platforms to get maximum exposure.  Include your products in posts and advertising easily!


Bulk Orders & Bundling

Allow your customers to order in bulk or bundle multiple products together for a discount or other incentive!


Advanced Shipping

Adjust your shipping methods based on customer location, product weights & sizing, and shipping provider.


Pickup & Delivery Scheduling

Allow your customer to schedule their pickups and delivery based on your availability.   You can have this sync to your other calendars as well!


Advanced Product Filters

If you have hundreds or thousands of products, we can make it easier for your customers to pinpoint the exact product they are looking for.



We can set subscriptions for a membership website and charge your customers payment type on file every billing cycle.


Loyalty Programs

We’re able to implement a loyalty program to either accumulate points or percentage based discounts for your loyal customers.


Advanced Coupons & Discounts

If there is a specific promo which only applies to certain customers, products, or any other condition, we’re able to create it.


Support Blocks

Ran out of our complimentary support hours?  You can add on several support hours for the year at a discounted price!

2 Hours


4 Hours


6 Hours


8 Hours


10 Hours


12 Hours


Email Blocks


A reliable solution to sending and receiving communications to your customers.  


Email MIgration

Moving from your old email solution to ours?  We can make the process painless!


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