BC Young Leaders

BC Young Leaders is a young leader initiative with the purpose of making an impact in the Canadian Credit Union system in British Columbia. Young Leader Programs established at the national, provincial, and organization-specific levels have emerged and flourished, providing the next generation of senior leaders with the opportunities they need to build their leadership capacities, networks, and professional relationships.

In 2019 BC Young Leaders approached Shift Creative to rebuild their website to have the capabilities of membership only areas, newsletter lists and Mailchimp user syncing, a blog, dynamic content and a discussion board, all while using their existing design. Challenge accepted. We replicated the design onto the WordPress platform and provided all of their project goals into one neat little package.

Please note: With many websites we build for our clients, we encourage them to update content, layouts and templates if they choose to.   As such, designs showcased on our website may be different from the website that you visit.

Tools Utilized

Google Analytics // PHP & MySQL/MariaDB // Responsive Design // Wordpress CMS Platform


Blog // Contact Forms // Directory Listing // Email Marketing // Membership // Mobile-Friendly

Industries Served

Community // Finance // Non-Profit Organization

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